HoldTight®102 is the industry standard. Period.
You know it when you see it.™

HoldTight® is revolutionizing the art of surface preparation. Discover how this clear solution is leaving visible results on America’s infrastructure.

HoldTight® 102 In Action

HoldTight® is a wet blasting additive that decreases the water’s surface tension, allowing it to get into the pores of the surface and remove ALL contamination, including salts, acids, abrasives, light oils, and greases.

No Rust. No Salt. One Step.

HoldTight® consistently outcleans, outperforms and outlasts the competition. Watch HoldTight® owner and CEO Peter Petkas explain how HoldTight® gives you an unfair advantage. In this video, you’ll also hear Petkas describe the value of superior surface preparation, as well as the opportunity for tremendous growth within the coating industry.

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