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HoldTight® is revolutionizing the art of surface preparation. Discover how this clear solution is leaving visible results on America’s infrastructure.

The Ultimate Surface Prep.

What’s the secret to extended coating life? Well, the answer is pretty clear: cleaner surfaces and better surface preparation. No one knows this better than HoldTight® owner and CEO Peter Petkas. Watch Petkas and Julie Birch of Technology Publishing discuss how HoldTight® 102’s superior cleaning power is redefining surface preparation.

Get It Truly Clean The First Time, Fast!

It’s official: Wet blasting has revolutionized the surface preparation industry. Fantastic products such as HoldTight 102 and the EcoQuip 2 from Graco have made it easier than ever to achieve truly clean surfaces quickly and without flash rust. See our industry-leading product in action as Graco uses HoldTight® to demonstrate the power of wet blasting against traditional dry blasting in front of an amazed crowd!

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